Recordings (all available in most streaming platforms):

Capa universal

“Universal” was recorded in 2009. In this recording Radegundis Tavares and José Henrique Martins play works for Horn and Piano plus a special participation of the drummer Dennis Bulhões in the Concertino no. 1 by José Ursicino da Silva “Duda”. They were played in this album standard repertoire, virtuosistic compositions and Brazilian works in various styles.

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“Radegundis Tavares” presents Brazilian compositions including improvisation together with Paganini’s and Arban’s challenging works transcribed for Horn. In this album Radegundis continued his partnership with Dennis Bulhôes on the drum set, now playing in most tracks, and together with Júnior Andrade on the piano there was the group that played in most of this recording.

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Capa Sounds from My Home final

In “Sounds from my home” Radegundis plays transcriptions for solo Horn of compositions by Bach, Paganini & Arban. This works were been played by Radegundis in his home in his free time as a hobby and after some years it came out the idea of recording them in an album.

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Main Written publications

  1. Horn Teaching of Brazilian Popular Music: Pedagogical Approaches (Dissertation – Doctorade in Music)
  2. Horn Teaching in Brazilian Northeast (Thesis – Master in Music)
  3. The Brazilian Horn Association and the 49th International Horn Symposium – Four Years of Excitement! (Published in the Horn Call, Volume XLVII, No. 2, February 2017)